Siesta Key Luxury Real Estate Trends | Spring 2022

Real-Time Changes Affect the Market
Last year and through the first four months of 2022, we experienced a market that accelerated with multiple offers, record transactions, and record prices. However, it is unlikely this rate of appreciation can be sustained much longer. There will continue to be real-time changes in the economy this year with the supply chain backlog, inflation, increased interest rates, and an unsettled political climate. We believe that the real estate market will adjust along with it.
2022 Is Shaping Up To Be Different Than 2021
Homebuyers have shifted their priorities in what they want in a destination and second home market. Due to our community being on many “top” lists, buyer interest in Siesta Key and the Sarasota area remains high and will have continued growth as more people can work remotely and Baby Boomers retire. We still have a buyer backlog due to the lack of homes for sale, however, we are headed toward a more balanced market in the future as the supply evens out. As the inventory increases, we expect to see fewer multiple offers, and price appreciation will be limited to the highest-demand homes and most desirable locations.
Siesta Key and Sarasota Have it All
• Strong economy and job market
• No state income tax
• Top-rated Siesta Key Beach
• Great year-round weather
• Cultural home of the arts


What our clients are saying...

“There is a reason Judie Berger is so successful - she focuses on the details and she does the work! Her superpower is her intelligence, and she uses that gift so well in determining the essential value of your property. She is strategic, and very data driven in her analysis and able to read very subtle signals of the market, often before others. We easily give her our highest recommendation.”


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