Sarasota Ranks Third in Capital Gains Wealth

A recent study by MagnifyMoney shows Sarasota among the top regions in the nation for accumulation of wealth. A study of federal tax returns over the last five years shows Sarasota is home to the largest percentage of Americans paying capital gains taxes and, by extension, one of the best places in the country to maintain wealth. In that ranking, Sarasota finished third in the country, behind Fort Myers and San Francisco.

Top 10 cities in MagnifyMoney rankings

  1. Fort Myers, Florida
  2. San Francisco 
  3. Sarasota
  4. New York
  5. Boston
  6. Seattle
  7. Reno, Nevada
  8. Denver
  9. Miami 
  10. Austin, Texas

To read the full article on MagnifyMoney, click here.


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