Make Your Sarasota Home for Sale Attractive To Buyers

To sell quickly at the best price, your home must "show well".  The following suggestions will help make that happen:.


Get rid of clutter everywhere -- especially on kitchen countertops, cabinets and drawers, but also in closets, bath vanities, book shelves, and the garage.  Follow this rule: "If you don't use it, lose it."  Remove unnecessary furniture. nbsp;Clutter makes everything look smaller.  Neat rooms look larger. 

Remember how little furniture was in the last model home you saw. You don't have to buy new furniture like that beautiful model home in the new development -- what you want is the feel of that new model home -- clean, uncluttered, and fresh.

Remove personal pictures and other personal items.  Your prospective buyers need to mentally "see themselves living in your home."  Your personal items make that difficult.

Clean Everything - have your carpets cleaned, wax the floors, spiff up your drapes, replacing them if their old or faded. Wash the windows.  Repaint where it will make the room brighter.  And don't forget to wash around all the light switches and door pulls.

Install larger light bulbs and have lamps on during showings.  Brighter rooms look larger.

Wash the windows and sliding glass doors.  You wouldn't believe how many sellers overlook this simple thing..

Play soft music during showings.  It helps prospective buyers relax during a stressful time.

Allow your Sarasota Realtor to put a lockbox on the property.  Some agents simply will not show homes if they have to meet another Realtor® or the owner there.


    Remember that the Buyer's most lasting impression of your home will be what they see as they drive up.   It's called "Curb Appeal."

Remove everything outside the home that doesn't need to be there.  Move things into the garage.  Keep the garage door down.

Check all gutters and the roof for damage or peeling paint and get it repaired.  Nothing makes a home look "uncared for" as much as a worn roof or peeling paint.

Give the front door a fresh coat of paint and a new doormat.  Your front door is the first thing prospective buyers see up close and remmeber that they have been looking at some new construction homes that were spotlessly cared for.

Mow and fertilize the lawn and keep it that way.  Keep it neatly edged.  Prune bushes and trees so they don't block windows.  Put down fresh wood chips.

If you have a pool, keep it sparkling clean  Replace any sagging or torn panels in your lanai screening.  Clean out around the pump and filter area.

    Remember, after location, the most important item to a home buyer is a well-maintained home.  If you refuse to make the needed repairs and alterations, prospective buyers will simply deduct from their offers, their "idea" of what those repairs will cost.  And, buyers tend to deduct about double the actual cost of such repairs.

    If you'd like to know what your home is worth today, please just request my Free Home Market Value Analysis. I would be pleased to help you determine the market value of your Sarasota home or condo.

Invest a bit of time and effort to put your Sarasota home for sale in "mint" condition.  You'll reap the best return on your investment and your Sarasota home will sell sooner.

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