Good Morning

Positive Vibes to Start Your Day

When you get up in the morning, after a refreshing sleep, you are in your most positive vibrational state. To keep those positive vibes going, begin your day with a healthy dose of good feeling thoughts.

The processes outlined below will help you to establish a positive tone for your day. By following these suggestions regularly, you will feel uplifted and have more clarity as your day unfolds.

Even if parts of your day deviate from your positive starting point, with continued practice you will find that you will have more control over your reactions.

1) Meditate. Spend 15 minutes in meditation. Sit in a quiet comfortable place, relax and focus on your breathing. As you release your thoughts, your vibration will raise and put you into a higher, more positive state of being. 

2) Appreciation. Spend time thinking about and appreciating all the blessings in your life; your health and body, your family and friends, your home and car, your passions – anything that comes to mind that you are thankful for. The more you focus on the wonderful things you already have, the more wonderful things can flow into your life.

3) Affirmations. Your positive statements are immensely powerful when affirmed from a positive vantage point. Simple statements work well such as “I am balanced”, “I am strong”, “I am healthy”, “I am wealthy”, “I am loved”, “I have peace”, “I have joy”, “I have freedom”, “I have passion”, “I am safe” or any other statement that resonates with you.

4) Be still. A good way to end the routine is with quiet stillness. Allow yourself to be open to anything that may come up. You may experience a feeling of joy or peace, or perhaps words of encouragement may drift into your thoughts. 

The whole routine takes twenty to thirty minutes and is an awesome way to kick start your day. Flow into it gradually if needed by starting with the meditation. Add the remaining components as you develop the habit of the routine. If you miss a day, simply pick it up the next day. Eventually, it will become your favorite part of the day.


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