Celery Fields Saved, Sarasota FL


Celery Fields by Jim Sweitzer

On August 23, 2017 the Sarasota County Commission voted to deny the siting of a Construction / Demolition Waste Processing Facility at Apex Rd. and Palmer Blvd.  Thousands signed petitions, came to the rallies, emailed, phoned or sent mail in opposition to the proposed sales of the public owned lands that are known as "The Quads" adjacent to the Celery Fields. This was a non-partisan effort that was successful because the value and importance of the Celery Fields was recognized.

 The Celery Fields is a pristine preserve, wildlife habitat, bird sanctuary, and recreation area enjoyed by all who visit. This vote will help retain the serene beauty it holds.

 If you have not been you should check it out. To get there:

From I-75 get off at Exit 210, take Fruitville Road east and turn right at Coburn Road light. Follow road as it curves past the Fruitville Library. You will find The Celery Fields on your left. There is a parking lot if you continue south and turn left onto Palmer Boulevard. After about 3/10ths mile, make a left into the parking lot, which also has public restrooms.

There are 360+ acres.  100 acres of wetlands have been restored. There are thousands of aquatic plants and trees and two boardwalks. There is a big hill to climb or ride up on your bike. There is also fishing, kayaking, walking trails, and great bird watching.

To learn more, click here to visit The Celery Fields website.

To read what was written in the Sarasota Herald Tribune a few months ago Click Here.


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