Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed in the U.S. from September 15 to October 15. President Lyndon Johnson introduced National Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, and during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, Congress passed a law to extend it into a month-long holiday that was first celebrated in 1989.

This annual observance is meant to recognize the triumphs and struggles of Hispanic Americans in U.S. history. Mid-September holds important dates for Hispanic and Latin American countries. On Sept. 15, 1821, five Latin American countries - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua earned independence from Spain. Mexico and Chile, meanwhile, became independent from Spain on Sept. 16 and 18, and Belize became independent from the United Kingdom on Sept. 21.
As a welcoming place to live and visit for all, Sarasota County remains a diverse, vibrant, and cultural destination that has so much more to offer than beautiful beaches. Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with us by supporting local Latino-owned businesses and restaurants or plan to attend Sarasota’s Hispanic Fall Festival hosted by St. Jude Catholic Church on November 5.

Dine At A Restaurant

Sarasota is a melting pot of culture and cuisine. Not just a coastal destination for seafood, visitors will be delighted to find some authentic, traditional Latin foods at a handful of local Hispanic-owned restaurants. Two Sarasota-Manatee Originals restaurants include Mi Pueblo el Restaurante Mexicano & Cantina and Reyna’s Taqueria – both standout options to get your Mexican food fix. 

Located in Sarasota Commons, Reyna's uses fresh, local ingredients to cook up authentic Mexican specialties such as sopas, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, tacos on hand-pressed tortillas, molotes, housemade guacamole and chips. Recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and are now in the hands of the owners of Reyna's. Having cooked side-by-side with their mother and Mexican chef, Daña Reyna–known well in the small town of Matamoros Puebla for delicious dishes—visitors and locals alike come near and far to try out Reyna's recipes, and to wash it all down with the housemade sangria! 

Don't let the strip mall exterior fool you—step through the door of Mi Pueblo and you will be immediately transported to a tiny Mexican village. Enjoy lively music, an authentic Mexican menu, drinks and festive decorations. The scent of chilies, cilantro, and fresh-made tortillas hang in the air while sounds of canciones, or songs, fill the room. If you feel adventurous try the Pollo con Mole, which is the perfect combination of chocolate and chile poured over a tender chicken quarter. And don't leave without dessert—the cream cheese flan es muy bueno

Buy Tickets To See A Show

Into the performing arts? You're in luck—Sarasota is home to an abundance of performing arts venues and local arts organizations for the avid theater-goer. To see an Hispanic-run and themed perfomance, check out one of the three showings in September of MADENUSA de Claudia Soroka. The playwright parallels Nelly Fernández Tiscornia's play Made in Lanús (Hecho en Argentina), where screenwriter Soroka also refers to one of the many facets of the immigrant community.

MADENUSA is hosted by CreArte Latino Cultural Center in Sarasota where you can get your tickets online today!

Get Your Dance On

For a local destination to get your hips loosened and feet moving, check either of Latin Quarters' two locations in Sarasota. Aside from being an authentic Puerto Rican and Latin cuisine restaurant, Latin Quarters (located in Sarasota Commons) and LQ on Main (located in Downtown Sarasota) transitions into a nightlife destination. Once the tables and chairs are pushed off to the side, the music gets turned up. What follows is an energetic and welcoming dance floor—often to live music or even karaoke. Try out your salsa or mambo moves, and maybe learn a thing or two from the locals. 

Shop At A Market

Just on the outskirts of Downtown Sarasota, find La Primavera Supermarket, a colorful and festive one-stop shop for snacks, beverages and provisions to stock up on for a day out to the beaches or parks. Grab fresh-baked goods, frozen dessert treats, candies, agua frescas, or fruit juices, an ice-cold pack of Mexican lagers or even a hanging piñata to take back to your accommodations for a mini fiesta. At the register find handmade jewelry, little games, keepsakes and candies.

Celebrate Culture & Diversity 

Traveling to Sarasota County this October? National Hispanic Heritage Month may be over by then, but there will be a first-time Multicultural Day to venture to as part of the 10-day grand opening of The Bay Park, Sarasota's new 53-acre community park on the Sarasota bayfront. Multicultural Day will be celebrated on October 22. 

And there’s no better way to experience Hispanic and Latino culture in Sarasota than by going to the Hispanic Fall Festival hosted by St. Jude Catholic Church at 3930 17th St., Sarasota. The festival takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 5, and will include food and drink booths, folk music performances, traditional dance routines and more live entertainment from multiple Spanish-speaking countries. The fall festival supports the church’s outreach to the needy.


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