10 New Year's Resolutions That Will Boost Your Home's Value

1.   Add some curb appeal

You may think that the most profitable home improvements are those you make in the kitchen and bathrooms. In reality, however, year after year, the biggest bang for your remodeling buck comes from replacing the front door and sprucing up the home’s facade. While you may need some help hanging the door, you can add new house numbers, a new mailbox, and new hardware yourself, quickly and inexpensively.

2.   Tick off that honey-do list

3.   Create a maintenance schedule

4.   Get your lawn in shape

5.   Invest in new greenery

6.   Invest in smart upgrades

7.   Conduct an energy audit

8.   Add a fresh coat of paint

9.   Update finishes and fixtures

Your most important 2021 resolution should be to have a cup of coffee with a real estate professional, either socially distanced at your local coffee shop or via Zoom. They will be able to walk you through the design trends that everyone is clamoring for right now so that you can make a more informed decision about where to spend your home improvement dollars.

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