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What can one say about the dog who stole our hearts? We lost our girl Riley much too soon on March 9, 2019 after a short but valiant fight with malignant melanoma of the toe. It has been such a painful loss that it taken us 6 months to write this memorial. Riley was a fighter and still had her outgoing, comical personality to nearly the last day when we had to say goodbye. At the end, although due to the cancer she could not walk very well, she still had the drive to chase a squirrel around the tree in the front yard and look and wait for our neighbor, Jerry, who brought her treats each morning. She had him trained so well! She was the happy neighborhood greeter, waiting at the end of our driveway saying hello to everyone who passed, wagging her tail

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Riley has been going through a lot lately… After going through and recovering from foot surgery to remove an infection, she still wasn’t quite right and we were shocked and surprised to find out she has cancer. She is being treated with the very best care and is hanging in there… She is still getting around and playing with Baby and Beary and Squirrely and laying in the sunshine. And she has so many people who love her…

With all that Riley has gone through, we’ve learned that cancer in Golden Retrievers is quite prevalent. In the 1970s the expected lifespan for a Golden Retriever was 16 or 17 years; recent reports show they are now living on average until only 9 or 10 years old, which is heartbreaking for a breed that is as wonderful as the Golden

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Our sweet Riley is still in recovery mode, but she's getting better every day and got a good report from the vet today! She's back to her old smiling self, in spite of the bandage on her foot and the donut collar!! 

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